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InfiRay Outdoor BOLT TL35 Released through US Distributor with Industry Leading Warranty

InfiRay Outdoor BOLT TL35 Released through US Distributor with Industry Leading Warranty

Posted by iRayUSA on 14th Jun 2021





InfiRay Outdoor BOLT TL35 Released through US Distributor with Industry Leading Warranty

June 14, 2021 – Fort Worth, Texas

iRayUSA, a Texas-based designer, manufacturer and distributor of premium thermal night vision devices is proud to announce the US availability of the BOLT TL35 thermal rifle scope from InfiRay Outdoor. The TL35 features a 384x288 12 micron InfiRay sensor with a 35mm objective focal length and is powered by 2 internal 18650 batteries. The BOLT product line is the third of many in InfiRay Outdoor’s lineup expected to release in 2021.

The BOLT TL35 enters the US market at an extremely competitive price point and with a feature set that has a distinct advantage over competing optics in the traditional-styled thermal optics category.

  • 30% more detection range than comparable thermal optics in the same category
  • 100% more battery capacity than thermal optics in the same category
  • Off-the-shelf auxiliary battery compatibility with 18500 and 18650
  • Industry leading MATRIX III algorithm image processing
  • Ambidextrous and tactile turret controller
  • 12 micron sensor with optimized optics
  • 5-year Warranty with a 1-week turnaround promise through iRayUSA

"The BOLT will absolutely set a new standard for value and performance in the thermal marketplace,” says Casey Cochran, Sales Manager at iRayUSA. “I am thrilled to be a part of such a monumental release and excited for customers to experience the new standard for high performance thermal optics and best-in-class battery life”.

BOLT Series – Bolt Action Optimized Thermal Rifle Scope

The BOLT Series was designed for optimal use on bolt-action rifles and other platforms that demand flexible mounting options with increased eye relief. The BOLT’s traditionally styled housing allows for mounting with standard 30mm rings.

“The BOLT TL35 thermal riflescope continues to define what we’re all about,” says Angelo Brewer, Director of Operations for iRayUSA. “Bringing high performance products to market with an incredible warranty. The TL35 has several industry leading features including a 10-plus hour run time, off the shelf auxiliary battery solutions, and a turret with positive and tactile clicks. These features in addition to the high performance that InfiRay Outdoor is known for, make the TL35 a seriously attractive thermal optic”.

Inside of a BOLT TL35, the image from an InfiRay 50Hz 12 micron Micro II core is displayed on a crystal clear HD display. These components and InfiRay’s proprietary MATRIX III algorithm create an image technically and visually superior to optics with similar spec. Dual internal 18650 batteries and an optional auxiliary battery provide 10+ hours of run time. The BOLT also comes standard with 16 Gb of internal memory for hours of video capture. The BOLT TL35 thermal rifle scope will be available from all US dealers on June 14th.

5-Year Warranty with a 1-week turnaround promise

At iRayUSA we are first and foremost hunters and users of our products and we understand that failure is not an option. One of our primary objectives at iRayUSA is to greatly improve the customer service level for the end user. We accomplish this through offering our industry-first 1-week repair guarantee, and by only working with highly qualified Authorized Dealers. During the published warranty period, iRayUSA will repair or replace, at its discretion, any optic that becomes defective from normal use. If we cannot repair an optic in less than one week, we will offer a replacement in like or better condition.

About iRayUSA

iRayUSA is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of premium thermal night vision devices. Our company was established in 2020 by industry experts with more than a decade of experience in thermal sales, product development, and field use. We are proud of our industry experience and time spent in the field using thermal products, and that is what drives us to make the best products possible; products that we want to use as night hunters.

This commonality with our customer base is what sets iRayUSA apart from other manufacturers. It allows us to bring the most relevant products to market, as well as understand and provide the same level of customer support that we would want as end users ourselves.

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