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The MINI Series is the smallest fully multi-functional 12 micron thermal imaging monocular on the market. It can be used as a handheld monocular or helmet mounted monocular. The MINI series features Bluetooth, picture-in-picture, and compatibility with rechargeable 16650 batteries as well as external power supply. For hands-free operation there are 2 mounting points designed to allow for a wide variety of dovetail helmet mounts. The Mini's display icons flip automatically when orientation is flipped. The MINI is operated by a user friendly rotary button. This one button operation has positive clicks with each selection and allows for quick and easy operation without having to search for any buttons in the dark.

MINI MH25 V2 640X512 25mm Thermal Monocular


MINI MH25 V2 640X512 25mm Thermal Monocular



MINI ML19 384x288 19mm Thermal Monocular