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Where To Buy

Below you will find a list of Authorized Dealers. Buy with confidence from these sources. 


Premier Distributors

Sports South

Bill Hicks & Co


Premier Dealers




Authorized Dealers

Able's Sporting Inc.

Aim On Point

Arego's Guns

Ares State Armory LLC


B & O Feral Hog Control

Bailey's Outdoor Shop

Bears Gun Room

Bliss Bryan Tx

Broken Arrow Outfitters

Bowie Investment Holdings LLC


Caddo Guns and Pawn

Carry On Firearms

Camera Land

Central Alabama Guns 

Champion Firearms

CT's Firearms & Archery

D&D Guns 

D&R Sporting Goods

Dark Night Outdoors

Dixie Ammo Dump INC

Euro Optics

Express Gun Locker

Heart of Texas Armory

Hog Solutions of Mississippi

Feral Texas Outdoors

Fehner Firearms

First Coast Firearms

Fletcher's Outdoors

Foxhole Armament

Frontier Arms & Supply

Full Auto Firearms

Gable Sporting Goods

Gary's Guns

Georgia Gun Store

Gila Valley Outdoor

Grayman Industries


JagerPro Inc.

Jerry's Sports Shop

Joe Bob Outfitters

Johns Sports Center

Johnson Gunworks

Johnny's Sports Shop 

Kenzie's Optics

Kosher Surplus LLC

Lakeshore Guns LLC

Langley Arms

Laurel Optics

Licentia Arms Co

Lone Star Shooting Sports

Lotus Gunworks of South Florida

Mid America Optics

O'Neill Ops


On Target Shooting Sports


Mark's Outdoors

Mcclelland Gun Shop

Meadow Ridge Archery & Gun

Midwest Thermal Optics

Mike's Firearms 

MPS Sports 

Night Vision Guys

Night Vision Outfitters

Nocturnality Gear

North Texas Piggin Products

Nuggets Night Vision 

Patriot Firearms LLC

Pookie's Archery & Guns

Predator Hunter Outdoors

Predator Precision

Ray's Sporting Goods

Ready Made Resources

Reynolds Outdoors

Santa Claus Hardware

Santa Claus Optics 

Scenic Sports

Sharp Shooters LBK

Shooting Surplus

Silence The Night

Simmons Sporting Goods

Smith Outfitters LLC

Southern Hog Control 

Southern Legacy Outdoors LLC

Southern Precision Outdoors

Sportsman Outfitters

SS Outfitters LLC

Sure Shot Night Vision 

Swamp Stomp

South Texas Tactical 

Tascosa Creek Outfitters

Texas Gun Shop

Texstar Armament

Thompson's Creek Sporting Goods

Tier One Weapon Systems 

The Sports Center 

The Village Gunsmith

Thermal Optics Plus

Thermal Outfitters

Third Coast Thermal

Thompson Creek Sporting Goods

Totally Outdoors

Trading Post and Loan

Utah Airguns

Van's Deer Processing 

Van's Sporting Goods

War Horse Weapons

Whittaker Guns

Wildman Outdoors

Wings & Whitetails 

Wilshire Guns 

Woods & Water Inc

601 Sports