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Where To Buy

Below you will find a list of Authorized Dealers. Buy with confidence from these sources. 


Premier Distributors

Kenzie's Optics


Authorized Dealers

Ally Outdoors

B & O Feral Hog Control


Central Alabama Guns 

Hog Solutions of Mississippi

Feral Texas Outdoors

Johnson Gunworks

Johnny's Sports Shop 

Kosher Surplus LLC

O'Neill Ops 

Night Vision Outfitters

Nocturnality Gear

Reynolds Outdoors

Santa Claus Optics 

Sure Shot Night Vision 

Swamp Stomp

South Texas Tactical 

TA Targets

Tier One Weapon Systems 

The Sports Center 

Thermal Optics Plus

Thermal Outfitters

Thompson Creek Sporting Goods

Van's Deer Processing 

Wings & Whitetails 

Wilshire Guns